Speaking at the PSFK Conference on March 6th

by Peter Rojas

psfk_nyc_conference_1.jpgI speak on panels fairly regularly, but the one I'm most looking forward to right now is the PSFK Conference which takes place here in NYC on Tuesday, March 6th. If you're interested in coming you can check out the line up (and buy tix) here.

Kool Keith on The White Rapper Show

by Peter Rojas


Hold up, Kool Keith (AKA Dr. Octagon, AKA Black Elvis, AKA Dr. Dooom, AKA Keith Korg) was on The White Rapper Show? He hasn't done anything all that hot since Matthew, and he didn't exactly bring the crazy on the show, but still, you gotta give it up. It's scary how well Dr. Octagonecologyst holds up.

Not Now No Way

by Peter Rojas


There was a time when all you had to tell me about a punk record was that it was from Ohio and the mid-Seventies and I would have bought it; fortunately that rule of thumb resulted in me buying lots of Pagans records. Do yourself a favor and put "Not Now No Way" and "Haven't Got the Time" into heavy rotation.

Back from CES

by Peter Rojas

at-ur-show1.jpgCES is finally over, and for the first time, well, ever, I'm returning home without the flu (technically two years ago I had the flu during CES, which believe me was a lot of fun). Team Engadget completely killed it this with year. We had hands-down the best and most comprehensive coverage of both CES and Macworld 2007, and I'm in total awe of how hard everyone worked. It's a privilege to work with the most talented team of tech bloggers on the planet, but beyond that it was just hugely fun hanging out with everyone. I still feel like I need to sleep for 24 hours straight, but I honestly can't wait to go back next year, Ryan and I already have a list of all the things we'd have done differently.