Harry McCracken takes a stand for editorial integrity, leaves PC World in protest

by Peter Rojas

Just read over at Epicenter that PC World Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken quit in protest today because the mag's new CEO wanted to spike a "whimsical article" titled "Ten Things We Hate About Apple." Guess the new CEO didn't want to alienate Apple, and apparently he had been telling editors to be softer in their reviews of products from companies that advertise in the magazine. It's a complete violation of church and state for a publisher to try and manipulate editorial to please advertisers (or potential advertisers), and I gotta say, I support what Harry did 100% and have a tremendous amount of respect for the stand he took. That kind of integrity and honor is all too rare these days. I've been extremely fortunate in that I've never had to face a similiar situation here at Engadget. One of the things I most worried about after I sold the site to AOL is that they'd try to water down the editorial or try and tell me what to do or what to write (or not write). I made it clear to them from day one that I'd never compromise our editorial integrity, and to their credit, no one at AOL has ever tried to interfere with what we write -- in fact, I've never had any kind of discussion with anyone at AOL about what direction our editorial should take, Ryan and I have just run things exactly as we've seen fit.

Harry, I'm sure you're going to be contacted by a ton of publications in the coming days and weeks, but we'd be more than happy to have you with us here at Engadget in whatever capacity you'd want.