by Peter Rojas

Well, I definitely wasn't expecting to be writing this post today, but I know better than most that you can't really control when the news about something is going to get out. So, yes, the New York Post got the scoop on this new record label I'm working on. They got a few things wrong, though. For starters, contrary to what they reported, we do actually already have a bunch of bands signed up, we just aren't announcing them until we launch. We're not in stealth mode or any of that nonsense, but the simple truth is that the site isn't going to be ready for a few months and so I'm probably not going to say much about it until we're closer to launch. That said, if you're a sponsor interested in getting involved, drop me a line. I'd love to tell you all about RCRD LBL. P.S. - Thank to everyone who emailed, called, or IM'd today!