New RCRD LBL features

by Peter Rojas

We're introduced a handful of new features at RCRD LBL lately, including:

  • MP3 of the Day - A daily email newsletter highlighting one great track from the site. Probably the easiest way to stay on top of the site and make sure you don't miss anything good. There's a form for signing up in the upper right-hand corner of RCRD LBL.
  • The RCRD LBL Top Ten - Our weekly chart of the most download songs on the site. Sort of an obvious thing which we should have had months ago, it's a great snapshot of what people are digging on the site.
  • The RCRD LBL Podcast - Technically we started this back in December, but it was really off and on until we asked Trent Wolbe to take on the production job for us. Elliot's been doing an awesome job hosting and programming the show, I really love the idea of a music podcast where you can hear a song you like and then legally go and download it. you can grab the podcast feed here or click here to add to iTunes.

We've got a bunch of other stuff in the works which should be ready early this summer, as well as a roster of exclusive music from some amazing -- and pretty big -- artists.