Home for a few days

by Peter Rojas

After four days in Vegas for the big CTIA wireless show I am finally on my way to Merced to spend a few days with my parents. I won't bore anyone with details about this trip -- Ryan and I'll have plenty to say on our next podcast -- but I will say that I'm glad that CTIA won't be coming back here for their spring show next year. And let's just leave it at that. On the other hand, I am looking forward to kicking it in Merced this weekend. My pops is the OG who got me hooked on gadgets in the first place, and I plan on spending a good portion of the next 48 hours parked in front of his new 56-inch 1080p Samsung DLP TV watching HBO HD.

Anyway, I won't be in town for long enough this trip, but I've been thinking about holding a small Engadget Reader Meetup in my hometown. Not sure how many readers we have there (or if we even have any), but next time I'm there for more than just a couple of days I'm going to definitely throw something together.