Update on Ogilvy/Zync/AmEx

by Peter Rojas

I'd like to think that CES was the most interesting thing to happen to me so far this year, but more than a few people have emailed/IM'd/tweeted asking to find out what happened after I posted that pitch Ogilvy sent on behalf of AmEx's Zync card, so I figured I'd post an update. It actually didn't take long for representatives from both Ogilvy and AmEx to call after my post -- it was maybe half an hour before my phone started ringing -- and over the past week I've had some really good conversations with people from both companies. Everyone I spoke with was apologetic and made it clear that this was a deviation from their usual way of doing things, and I accept both their apologies and that this isn't usually how they operate (in fact the reason I posted this email is because it seemed so out there).

Anyway, I wasn't looking for an apology, but it was nice to get one and I sincerely hope they understand that my intention wasn't to cause anyone any grief as much as it was to try in some very small way to reduce the amount of dumb marketing being done these days. It was pretty encouraging to hear from a lot of people working in marketing and PR who told me they agreed with what I'd written and also felt that there were smarter ways to do this stuff.