Monitor mania

by Peter Rojas

Man, do I have a problem: just like Jason, I can't seem to ever have enough screen real estate. I thought I'd be satisfied with a pair of 20-inch widescreeen LCDs (which I have connected to a desktop), but I finally gave into my desires and picked up a second video card so I could add a third (and probably fourth) monitor. I've had an old Samsung widescreen 17-inch LCD sitting on my desk for months, but I only last week did I realize that for an investment of just fifty bucks that that display could be doing something other than gather dust. Now I'm rocking three monitors, so I should be happy, right? Yeah, except that with a resolution of "just" 1280 x 768 the Samsung feels like a porthole compared to the 1680 x 1050 I'm getting with each of the 20-inch displays. Those new 24-inch and 30-inch LCDs from Dell are looking mighty tempting...

P.S. - I'll post a pic of my new setup as soon as I can figure out why Word Press is making it impossible for me to upload images.