Live and in person

by Peter Rojas

I'm still not quite used to blogging about myself rather than gadgets, but I've got a couple of speaking gigs coming up where you can see me talk about gadgets (or about blogging about gadgets) in person:

5/10 - Columbia School of Journalism - Sree Sreenivasan invited to speak at a workshop about blogging. (Sorry for the late notice, only just today realized that it was open to the public, though it may already be sold out.)

6/6 - Core 77 panel in San Francisco on product design.

6/23 - Digital Media Wire's Digital Media Conference in McLean, VA. I'm on the 11am panel, "THE BATTLE FOR THE DIGITAL CONSUMER". (It's always a war, isn't it?)

Also, assuming there are enough Engadget readers in my hometown to justify it, I think I'm going to hold an informal Engadget Reader Meetup in my Merced, CA sometime around June 10th.