Finding a home for a broken OLPC XO-1

by Peter Rojas

  I donated my original OLPC XO-1 to the Columbus School for Girls today. I bought one when they were first available via the Give One Get One program back in 2007, but it'd be mainly sitting in a closet since then. It wouldn't boot when I tried to fire it up the other day, and after a little sleuthing discovered that these early models had an issue with their Real Time Clock battery if they weren't used regularly. There's a fix, but it's more trouble than it's worth, so after some searching online I found that the Columbus School for Girls has a program where they repair broken OLPCs and bring them, along with new ones that are donated, to a school in the Caribbean. Seemed like it'd find a good home there, and I was very glad to find a program that does something like this.