My prayers are answered

by Peter Rojas

syncgoogle3.jpgI'd pretty much given up any hope of seeing a solution for this, at least anytime soon, but CompanionLink just rolled out a new app that'll lets you sync any Palm, BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile 5.0 handheld with Google Calendar (it's two-way sync, too, none of that one-way crap!). I've been testing it with my Treo 650 this afternoon, and it works as promised. Big ups to William Kapes for this one, he heard my pleas for a synching solution on a recent Engadget podcast and dropped me a line earlier today about CompanionLink for Google Calendar. The one catch is that it ain't free, they're asking $30 for it (they do offer a two-week trial period). That's a little steep, but it's probably worth $30 to me to be able to properly sync my Google Calenda. Plus it's important to support independent software developers, right? P.S. - Yeah, I said "Treo 650". I'm gonna wait to upgrade to the 700p (or possibly even the Motorola Q, it definitely has its charms) until after I get back from my next trip to San Francisco. I've learned the hard way that you should never buy a brand new phone right before a big trip. Trust me on this.