Summer kicks

by Peter Rojas

antioch_arrow_12inch.gifChamillionaire - Ridin - Every summer needs a jam. JPod - Picked this up yesterday evening, so far it's entertaining, but I think I should probably read a book that isn't an endless regurgitation of pop culture references. I get enough of that online already.

Call of Duty 2 - I didn't think I'd ever get into this one, but after growing weary of Oblivion's solo style I wanted something that I could play with my crew. The online play is addicting, but let's just say that I'm so bad at it that I abandoned my original screenname ("engadget") because I didn't want to bring any additional shame to the Engadget brand.

Brick - My fave movie of the year so far. Either you buy into the premise or you don't, but I totally get why SoCal and film noir go hand-in-hand. The best part is Lucas Haas as an unwitting caricature of Aaron Montaigne. Portraits of Past - I'm pretty sure the 21-year-old Peter Rojas would despise the 31-year-old Peter Rojas, but I think he'd be really happy that his future self still listens to Portraits of Past.

Babycakes - It's so dangerous having a vegan bakery within a block of my house.

Treo 700p - It's not that much of an upgrade from the 650 (though the EV-DO is sweet), but I bought one anyway. I feel so dirty.