Me on HGTV

by Peter Rojas

I Want That Tech Toys

I've been insanely busy since I got back from Europe, which is why it's taken me a few days to get around to mentioning that I landed a small contributing role on HGTV's new gadget show, I Want That! Tech Toys, which airs Wednesdays at 9pm EST/PST. (Trust me, I had nothing to do with the name. Or the horrible logo. Or any part of the show I don't appear on.)

I haven't actually even seen the show yet -- I was somewhere over Greenland during the premiere -- so I'm not sure how everything turned out, but you'll have a chance to hear me talk about Samsung's new Helix portable XM satellite radio, as well as see the inside of my apartment, which is where part of the segment was taped. I'm still having a lot of trouble getting used to the, um, rhythms and cadences of professional TV. Everything has to be condensed to just 90 seconds (or less) and you have to project yourself in a way that isn't natural. Or least not in a way that is at all natural for me. I've set the DVR to record this coming week's episode, but if anyone actually caught this past one, let me know.