Number one!

by Peter Rojas

Technorati.jpgI guess I should probably be posting this on my other blog, but I was very pleased to discover this morning that Engadget had ascended to the very top of the Technorati 100. We'd been hovering in the top ten for a while now, and spent the better part of this year in second place behind Boing Boing (at least until they were edged out by a massively popular Chinese blog a month or two ago), but it never seemed like we'd actually make it all the way to number one. Not sure how long we'll remain on top, but even if it's only for a day or two it's still extremely gratifying to see that so many bloggers still find us worth linking to. We've got an amazing team of people at Engadget and we're all working like crazy to keep making the site better and better.