Creativty Now and Creativity Then

by Peter Rojas

TokionI've been kicking it at Tokion's Creativity Now conference this weekend, and so far it's been disappointing. All of the discussions today have been meandering and pointless, with nearly every panelist (apart from Cory Arcangel) seemingly to the oblivious to the explosion of creativity that's taking place online right now, with few insights into where the real energy is today. It's as if the past five years of the internet never happened. Not that there aren't tons of smart, interesting people at the conference; it's just that most of them are in the audience, not up on stage.

One other thing I couldn't help but notice: this is the first conference I've been to in years where there isn't a single laptop out -- no one in the audience is blogging anything that's going on. I suppose that's fitting.